Elderly Woman’s Estate Awarded $400,000 For Fractured Hip Caused By Neglect At a Bronx Nursing Home

Elderly woman on the floor after falling down

An elderly woman’s estate recently recovered $400,000 from a Bronx nursing home found liable for the negligence that caused her to fall and break her hip. The settlement was negotiated by the nursing home abuse attorneys at the law firm Dalli & Marino, LLP.

“The facility’s staff failed to properly assess her as a fall risk when she first arrived and then failed again to sufficiently monitor her during her stay. She later fell, fracturing her hip,” said John Dalli, Partner in Dalli & Marino.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among adults 65 and older, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Even worse, the agency reports that death rates from falls among older adults increased 30% from 2007 to 2016.

Nursing Home Residents Particularly Vulnerable to Falls

Older adults living in skilled nursing facilities can be particularly vulnerable. Nursing home falls often occur because of poor staffing as well as a lack of preventative measures such as protective floor mats, lowered beds and bed alarms.

“If residents need help getting to the restroom, they are supposed to push the call button.  But if their calls are ignored, they’ll attempt to get up themselves.  Unfortunately, that’s how many falls happen.”

Contact Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Falls in these skilled nursing facilities are a common but tragic result of nursing home neglect.  If your loved one has fallen at a skilled nursing facility in New York and you suspect the cause was negligent care, call the Dalli & Marino for a free case evaluation.  Our attorneys have extensive experience fighting on behalf of those who have been subject to abuses while in residential care facilities. Our team serves Suffolk and Nassau Counties (Long Island), Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Westchester County.

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