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The most important reason that attorneys refer to Dalli & Marino is performance.

Dalli & Marino has been concentrating in the litigation of Nursing Home abuse cases since 2007 and has litigated hundreds of Nursing Home abuse cases to settlement or verdict.

With a solid track record of success in litigation against facilities that allow Nursing Home abuse to occur, referring attorneys know that their own standing will be enhanced by referring their cases to Dalli & Marino.


Attorneys who refer Nursing Home abuse cases to Dalli & Marino do it because of the compassion the firm shows its clients.

Often it is an emotionally difficult time for clients who have suffered from Nursing Home abuse.  Clients often have trouble even describing the details associated with Nursing Home abuse.  Our expertise in Nursing Home abuse Cases allows us to ask the right questions at the right time to obtain the information we need to assist the families who are victims.


Attorneys more than anyone else understand how important it is for a law firm who is litigating Nursing Home abuse cases to know the rules and procedures that govern Nursing Homes. By concentrating a substantial portion of our practice to Nursing Home abuse cases -- not just a footnote within elder law -- Dalli & Marino stays abreast of trends in the Nursing Home industry that are often adopted to circumvent being responsible for Nursing Home abuse that occurs in their facilities.

Law firms that defend facilities in Nursing Home abuse cases know which law firms concentrate in prosecuting Nursing Home abuse cases. They also know which firms have seldom prosecuted Nursing Home abuse cases.  Team up with Dalli & Marino to make sure your client’s Nursing Home abuse case is taken seriously.



I knew this case would call for specialists. That's why I reached out to John and Sal at Dalli Marino.

— Fellow Attorney


I want to believe I did everything I could for him -- and that includes looking after his, and the family's well-being.

— Wife

Oldest Daughter

As the oldest daughter, most of the duties fell to me.

— Out-of-state Daughter

Sister of Patient

We've done everything together over the years. Traveled to Europe, Went on cruises. I want to see things done right.

— Patient's Sister

Completely Satisfied

"I do know who to call and refer -- because I am completely satisfied with the work and efforts of their entire legal staff."

— Lloyd J. L.

Professional Considerate Timely

"I thank Salvatore Marino, Esq. for the professional, considerate and timely manner in which he handled my very difficult and emotional period."

— Robert Wortham

Patient’s Brother

"Thank you both for the excellent handling of the court case against the two New York hospitals. As you know, I wanted so much to get back at them after their horrible treatment of my brother while under their care."

— Mario Imbrogno

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Anthony Reid

I couldn't have gotten the settlement without your hard work and perseverance.

— Anthony Reid

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exemplary work that you and your team at Dalli & Marino performed on behalf of my mother. Your expertise in navigating the legal system and the courts was nothing short of miraculous!

— Rosamund Stephenson Losasso

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These are health care providers you had every reason to trust. When that trust is broken, the law may be on your side. Dalli & Marino are committed to try and right that wrong." 

Have a case?

If your experience with one of these facilities has resulted in injury to a loved one, contact Dalli & Marino for a careful and honest assessment of your case.