Paralyzed Man Awarded $750,000 for Bedsores Caused By Neglect at a Bronx Nursing Home

Disabled person sitting in wheelchair

A jury recently awarded $750,000 to a paralyzed man who suffered from bedsores caused by negligent care at a skilled nursing facility in Bronx County. The settlement was negotiated by the nursing home abuse attorneys at the law firm Dalli & Marino, LLP.

The resident was often left in a wheelchair for extended periods of time without being moved or transferred as required by his care plan. The resident should not have been allowed to remain in a wheelchair without proper cushioning, prompting once-closed bedsores to re-open. The jury determined that the nursing home staff failed to follow proper protocols and did not provide the resident with the required care. The bedsores were completely preventable, and the jury agreed.

Bedsores One of The Leading Indicators of Neglect in a Nursing Home

“Bedsores are the most preventable of all injuries in a nursing home,” said John Dalli, a partner in the law firm Dalli & Marino, LLP. “Their presence usually indicates that the facility is understaffed. There are often not enough staff to take care of the residents who are bedridden and need turning and repositioning.”

Bedsores Can Develop in As Little as Two to Three Hours

Over 2.5 million people develop bedsores in the U.S. each year. These wounds can develop relatively quickly, in as little as two to three hours, according to Johns Hopkins. Anyone who stays in one position for a prolonged period of time can be at risk. This would include nursing home residents who are immobile or bedridden as well as people who cannot feel pain because of diabetes, circulation problems and malnutrition.

“It’s imperative to get the patient immediate medical attention before the injuries progress to life-threatening situations,” said Dalli.

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