Petition Asks To Stop NY Mandate “That Will Kill Our Most Vulnerable Nursing Home Residents” –

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo

A petition on is asking New York Governor Cuomo to reconsider his March 26th mandate requiring nursing homes to accept patients infected with COVID-19:

“Keeping the elderly safe from COVID-19 should be America’s number one priority…Not only are they the most vulnerable in contracting the virus, but they are at the highest risk of dying once infected.

“Not only are positive COVID-19 patients going to infiltrate our weak and vulnerable population, but nursing homes are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident to be tested prior to admission or readmission back into the nursing home.  By not allowing testing, there is no way to know who is possibly infected.”

The petition suggests using government buildings that are now empty because of social distancing and further explains:

“We understand the need for alleviating hospital overcrowding during this crisis, but there are plenty of chronically ill, non-contagious patients that nursing facilities could and would welcome.”

John Dalli, a partner in the law firm Dalli & Marino LLP dedicated to protecting the rights of the elderly, understands the intent behind the petition.

“The governor’s new mandate is an issue everyone needs to follow as circumstances around the coronavirus shift by the hour,” says Dalli. “It’s an emotional issue. If you have a parent in a nursing home now, you’re upset.  On the other hand, if your loved one needs to be moved to such a facility, you don’t want them to be denied. You’re welcome to call us anytime to ask questions or just talk through your concerns.”

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