We understand local court rules and regulations. 

Attorneys more than anyone else understand how important it is for a law firm who is litigating Nursing Home abuse cases to know the rules and procedures that govern Nursing Homes. By concentrating a substantial portion of our practice to Nursing Home abuse cases -- not just a footnote within elder law -- Dalli & Marino stays abreast of trends in the Nursing Home industry that are often adopted to circumvent being responsible for Nursing Home abuse that occurs in their facilities. 

Law firms that defend facilities in Nursing Home abuse cases know which law firms concentrate in prosecuting Nursing Home abuse cases. They also know which firms have seldom prosecuted Nursing Home abuse cases.  Team up with Dalli & Marino to make sure your client’s Nursing Home abuse case is taken seriously. 

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►We are known for our compassionate treatment of client situations. 

Attorneys who refer Nursing Home abuse cases to Dalli & Marino do it because of the compassion the firm shows its clients.

Often it is an emotionally difficult time for clients who have suffered from Nursing Home abuse.  Clients often have trouble even describing the details associated with Nursing Home abuse.  Our expertise in Nursing Home abuse Cases allows us to ask the right questions at the right time to obtain the information we need to assist the families who are victims.

We monitor regional and national news for stories of nursing home and elder abuse. These stories supplement the case studies, scenarios and vignettes that we have produced here, based upon actual cases and situations encountered since 1995 when we began our practice.
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RIVERHEAD – A former top administrator at a Medford nursing home admitted Friday to covering up the death of a woman at the facility.

In 2012, 72-year-old Aurelia Rios died after prosecutors say workers at Medford Multicare Center ignored several alarms, and failed to hook the woman up to a ventilator.

David Fielding admitted that he withheld the alarm log from two separate investigations into Rios’ death. He pleaded guilty to two felony counts of falsifying business records and one count of violating public health laws.

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How N.Y.’s Biggest For-Profit Nursing Home Group Flourishes Despite a Record of Patient Harm


Charlie Stewart was looking forward to getting out of the nursing home in time for his 60th birthday. On his planned release day, in late 2012, the Long Island facility instead called Stewart’s wife to say he was being sent to the hospital with a fever.

When his wife, Jeanne, met him there, the stench of rotting flesh made it difficult to sit near her husband. The small wounds on his right foot that had been healing when Stewart entered the nursing home now blackened his entire shin.

“When I saw it at the hospital … I almost threw up,” Jeanne Stewart said. “It was disgusting. I said, ‘It looks like somebody took a match to it.’ ”

Doctors told Stewart the infection in his leg was poisoning his body. To save his life, they would have to amputate above the knee.

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REASON 1  Performance

The most important reason that attorneys refer to Dalli & Marino is performance.

Dalli & Marino has been concentrating in the litigation of Nursing Home abuse cases since 2007 and has litigated hundreds of Nursing Home abuse cases to settlement or verdict.

With a solid track record of success in litigation against facilities that allow Nursing Home abuse to occur, referring attorneys know that their own standing will be enhanced by referring their cases to Dalli & Marino.